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Reumat Consuting is headed by Michael Ramcharan from his Surrey office.

Michael Ramcharan
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Michael Ramcharan has over 25 years of experience in Quality Assurance having worked with multinational Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research Organisations since 1990. His auditing experience has involved conducting a wide variety of audits in GPVP, GCP and GCLP, globally. 

He has also hosted and supported various Regulatory Authority Inspections (eg; MHRA, EMA, Local EU) in the GCP and GPV space.

His experience has also extended to successfully designing and managing various audit programs in the GPVP and GCP arenas working with companies to understand their business and audit universe to provide audit programs that meet their needs and the applicable regulatory requirements.

He has also been involved in the Training and Mentoring of GCP and GPVP auditors, providing bespoke training catered specifically to an individual’s and company’s needs.

Michael Ramcharan - Reumat Consulting

"I originally became acquainted with Michael when he hosted a pharmacovigilance partner audit performed by myself and another auditor from our company. I was thoroughly impressed by his interactive abilities - treating us as equals and as respected partners in the audit. As host he supplied the documentation and interviewees that we needed in order to successfully conclude the audit and he congratulated us on identifying relevant improvements/issues during that PV audit. It was a pleasure to work with him then and I was happy to work together again when he took up a new position in another company, and where I was their client in the role of QA Director for a major Pharma company. Michael is knowledgeable and personable while remaining results-oriented." 

Director QA, Large Global Pharma

"Michael is a pleasure to work with, his professionalism and subject matter knowledge is exemplary. Thanks to his ability to grasp the client's needs and expectations all work is produced in a timely manner with no compromise on quality "

Head of PV Services, CRO

"I have worked with Michael in different situations and periods, first as auditee and later, as a client. I’d emphasize his skills for creating real relationships of trust, his flexibility, his capacity to focus on the important details and his easy-going way of working. He has a great understanding of the quality management processes, the clinical and pharmacovigilance areas, as well as a very insightful view of the requirements in a changing environment - increasingly regulated - which makes him a great asset and advisor you can rely on......"

QA Manager, Pharma

“I have worked with Michael during the past 8-10 years on both sides of the "barricades" - my team being audited by him and working together as a team in the inspection back-room, during Competent Authority inspections, e.g., from MHRA and the FDA. His deep understanding of the regulations and processes, pertinent questions, highly professional and ethical behaviour and last but not least, his excellent communication and leadership skills were highly appreciated by his colleagues. Michael has a keen observation spirit and has the amazing ability to pose the right questions, see through complex processes and find the right answers. It was a pleasure working with him and can recommend him and his newly founded company warmly.”  

Local Safety Specialist, MD, Large Pharma

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