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BREXIT – Some food for thought

As I write this I am watching the RIO 2016 Olympic games – what a performance by Team GB, Second in the medals table with 61 medals and counting! Quite a contrast to all the negative publicity that the UK has received following the majority vote to leave the EU.

The UK has a lot to offer in terms of it’s vast experience in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry, and has worked and continues to work, with multiple nations to build on improving the health, general economy and security of all countries involved.

So why now should this attitude change significantly post-Brexit if the objective is to improve the quality of life of all the populations involved?

This is certainly a time of change that will affect most if not all of our lives but it should provide the UK and other nations (some who may have been excluded previously but have a voice that should be heard) with a forum to discuss how we can all work together in the future and improve where necessary, on the current way we do things. The key is to ensure that logic and common sense prevail and that no decisions are made based on “knee jerk” reactions.

We operate in the UK to various European regulations in the GCP and GPVP worlds which impact how we conduct clinical trials and monitor the safety of medicinal products on the market. If these regulations are proven to be in the best interests of patients and ensure data integrity then it would make sense to adopt them in the UK and work with the various EU Member states to agree on ways to do this. No doubt these negotiations will take time but we must focus on the positives and avoid the negatives inhibiting our progress.

So as we all attend various meetings and conferences on life after Brexit, please let us try to be positive and innovative to ensure that any decisions made provide a brighter future for all of us.

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