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Companies must ensure that they have auditors who are appropriately trained and qualified to perform the audits assigned to them, a requirement stipulated in GCP and GPV.

Auditor training can often be challenging for QA groups to manage due to the volume of audit work that they need to undertake and support that they need to provide to their relevant business partners. This is where Reumat Consulting can assist by working with an auditor or team of auditors to provide training as and when needed.

Reumat Consulting Training Services

Ensuring that staff are well trained is key to the success of any organisation.


Within the Pharmaceutical Industry there are many regulations which Marketing Authorisation Holders (MAH) and External Service Providers (ESP) need to adhere to in order to obtain regulatory approvals and successfully market their products and services. In order to achieve this level of compliance, staff must be trained in the applicable guidelines and regulations so they can perform their roles in an acceptable manner.

Reumat Consulting can provide tailor made training packages aligned with a company’s needs which not only convey the regulatory requirements that staff need to be aware of but also provide an environment for interactive sessions to stimulate discussions and make the learning process an interesting and enjoyable one!

The types of training packages include:

  • Training on GCP and GPVP requirements in Europe

  • Technical Training on QA Audits in the GCP and GPVP:

    • Affiliates

    • ESP

    • Systems

    • Investigator Sites

    • Documentation

  • Auditor Soft Skills Training:

    • Interaction and communications with 3rd party representatives

    • Managing non conformances

    • Constructing Audit Observations

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Reumat Consulting - Training

Why Choose Reumat Consulting?

  • Over 25 years experience working in QA across the GCP, GcLP and GPVP environments

  • Working with individuals of differing levels of seniority to achieve quality objectives

  • Working in a variety of cultural environments across the globe

  • Designing and implementing a variety of  audit programs

  • Conducting, reporting and following up on a large variety of audit types

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